We also have with us well maintained, fumigated and secure warehousing facilities for ensuring smooth transition of goods from one location to the next. Providing safe storage space to the valuable belongings till these are delivered.

Further, for longer duration, safekeeping of the goods, we also provide the warehousing services on a fixed rent on monthly/ fortnightly or weekly basis as required by the customers. This provides our customers ease of reclaiming their consignment as per their time schedules. The secure surroundings of the warehouse from both inside and outside assure clients of complete safety of the shipped products.


All our warehouses have the following facilities:-

  • Angular Racks to store fragile GOODS.
  • Fumigation done regularly from time to time to protect your goods from Rats and other Pests.
  • Well maintained floors.
  • Warehouses are equipped with Pallets to safeguard your delicate and fragile goods against any scratches.
  • Well lit warehouse for easy identification of your goods.
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